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Bird list

Ballina is a popular destination for bird watchers from around Australia, who come for the abundant and varied bird species found here. Many of these species are quite rare and therefore a key attraction for enthusiasts.

In May 2014 Ballina Lakeside Holiday Park worked with representatives from Birdlife Northern NSW who identified 110 different species of birds in and around the holiday park area, including Shaws Bay.

Of these 110 species, 44 are classified as uncommon bird species and include the Tawny Frogmouth, White-breasted Woodswallow, Royal Spoonbill and the Striped Honeyeater. A further 45 common, 18 migratory and 3 ocean species were also identified.

In addition, other interesting wildlife spotting includes the rare Black Wallaby, Common Bottle-nosed Dolphin, Indo-Pacific Bottle-nosed Dolphin, Eastern Water Dragon, Cream-striped Shining-skink and the Grey-headed Flying Fox.

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